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Why Work with Debbie Gloss Properties - Winter Park Property Management Blog by Debbie Gloss Properties

Why Work with Debbie Gloss Properties

We are talking today about why you should consider working with Debbie Gloss Properties. In recent years, we have received a lot of contact from owners who are very unhappy with their property managers. It is clear that many of the situations they face could have been avoided if experience and knowledge had been applied. It’s very important to avoid having a poorly managed property. At Debbie Gloss Properties, we make sure your investment is maintained, rental income is generated and expenses are managed.

Tenant Placement

The first step in our property management system is to locate feasible tenants for the property. We do this through an aggressive marketing campaign. We run a number of online ads and we use our website, which feeds out into many other sites. This approach brings in more showings and activity, which provides a larger pool of rental choices for our owners.

It’s important to do a background check on prospective tenants. We perform credit and national criminal searches and we also verify their rental history with both past and current landlords. We check those rental references to see if they paid rent on time and if they successfully maintained the homes they lived in.

The importance of the tenant selection process cannot be stressed enough, and it’s something we’re very good at. When tenant screening is overlooked you run the risk of getting stuck with a problematic tenant for the entire term of a lease.


During the course of a lease, we focus on maintaining open communication. We talk to the tenants frequently and reinforce positive behaviors during property inspections and also by addressing their concerns. This is done in order to keep your property well maintained.


Most of the vendors we work with have been with us for 17 years, which is almost the entire time we’ve been in property management. These are licensed professionals who don’t overcharge for work. It’s a priority to not spend money when it isn’t necessary. We balance that with the need to keep your home well maintained. A property’s condition is an important factor when you’re selling it or re-renting it. It’s important to avoid deferred maintenance. We advise owners to take care of any maintenance that needs to be addressed so their home stays in saleable or rentable condition. This will Why Work with Debbie Gloss Propertiesprevent you from having to place your home on the sale or rental market below other comparable properties.

As a property owner, it’s important for you to know your home is being taken care of and that your property manager is communicating openly with you. If you have any questions about what we do, please contact us at Debbie Gloss Properties.


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